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Re: [Scheme-reports] bodies in case and cond clauses

On Thu, 19 May 2011 13:48:43 -0400, John Cowan <cowan@x>  

> Andy Wingo scripsit:
>> Suggestion: make the clauses in `case' and `cond' forms (without =>,
>> naturally) be BODY instances, to allow them to have definitions.  It is
>> well defined AFAIK, and costs nothing.
> Ticket filed.  I'm against this one, though, because of the bizarre
> appearance of (cond ((pred1) (define ...) (e1)) ...).  Internal  
> definitions
> always come first everywhere else in Scheme except at the top level and
> top-level BEGINs.

I've closed this ticket as a duplicate of #53, which is phrased slightly  
differently, but which is the same thing. According to the ticket, this  
was voted in and accepted, so we should make this change.

	Aaron W. Hsu

Programming is just another word for the lost art of thinking.

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