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Re: [Scheme-reports] Minor things in draft six of small-language report seven

Jussi Piitulainen scripsit:

> 5.1 Programs (p. 23 right, last para)
> I'm not sure what "must not be not empty" means. It's in contrast with
> the requirement of the top-level being empty except for (import ...).
> Perhaps "need not be empty"? Or just strike it.

The second "not" has been removed.

> 5.2.1 Top level definitions (p. 24 bottom left)
> "Top-level definitions in such an implementation are truly equivalent
> to assignments" -- except after a syntax definition of the same
> identifier, as explained just above... 

Fixed on trunk.

> 5.5.1 Library syntax (p. 26)
> several instances of <filename_1>, <filename_2>, <identifier_1>,
> <identifier_2> are in the wrong font (maths instead of text).

Fixed on trunk.

> (p. 34 right)
> the umpteen division procedures are labelled as "procedure" indicating
> at a quick glance that they would be in (scheme base) but they aren't,

Telling the truth would be too verbose.

> they are in the division library. (The text tells the truth on second
> glance.) (The label would fit better if it was just "division
> procedure" instead of "division library procedure".)

In our view, that wouldn't read well in the general case.

> (p. 36 top left)
> the hyphenation ar-ccosine may not be optimal.


> (p. 36 mid left)
> In description of (expt z_1 z_2) an occurrence of z1 should be z_1.


> (p. 36 top right)
> In an occurrence of e^{ix_4} the exponent is in text size why? It
> looks funny.

Editorial ticket #417 filed; I'm not TeXnical enough to fix this myself.

> Index (p. 78 lo right, 79 mid right)
> The index entries for #!fold-case and #!no-fold-case show the internal
> syntax of the indexing program, fold-case@#!fold-case and so on.

Editorial ticket #418 filed.

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