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Re: [Scheme-reports] Appeal for review help with R7RS draft 4

Thanks.  I'm about to merge those with the detailed comments Denis Washington
has sent me on chapters 1-4 (more are promised), which I also appreciate

Cool.  I just did another review and committed some more fixes.

If it's acceptable, I'd love to see the comments as they come in so I can understand the changes when I review them.  Usually, the reasoning is clear, but every once in a while, I'm puzzled.

For example, why was the comment about TAI removed?

Also, in "basic.tex", the language about immutability doesn't mention that procedures are immutable.  Shouldn't it?  Procedures have locations, after all.

Unwritten tickets are in status "decided".  You can use report 9, unfold
the "Filters" spinner, make sure only "decided" is checked, and then
hit "Update".  That will show the remaining editorial tickets.


Here's the resulting URL, shortened: http://goo.gl/oWpT6.
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