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Re: [Scheme-reports] inconsistent use of \| escape

Vassil Nikolov scripsit:

>   For example (it is a rare case, but I have encountered it), when
>   generating literal strings programmatically and not having a way
>   to determine what character is inserted in the generated value,
>   it is convenient to simply precede the unknown character with the
>   escape character and rest assured that the string literal will always
>   be well-formed.

We actually don't do that, and for this reason:  If it was guaranteed that
\q meant the same as q, it would be impossible to give \q a meaning in
some future version of the language.  Therefore, we say that \q is
undefined, so that it can be treated by an implementation as an error,
as q, or as something new in advance of future standardization.

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