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Re: [Scheme-reports] [scheme-reports-wg1] Arthur Gleckler's rationales for 4th ballo votes

Only trivially so.  Generative types are something really new in R7RS
compared to R5RS (though old in implementations), and implementations
shouldn't be licensed to omit them.

Can we say that that module, in particular, is required?  Or do we just not get enough value out of putting it into a module to make a difference?
> Sure it's a revision of R6RS.  It's just that the edits are major.

Yeesh.  And the U.S. Constitution is a revision of the Articles of
Confederation, by the same token.

It's a revision of R6RS in the same way that R6RS was a revision of R5RS.

It's a good naming system, and everyone will immediately understand what R7RS means, especially if we have "R7RS-big" and "R7RS-small."

What about my question about BNF?
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