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[Scheme-reports] WG1BallotRead published, John Cowan's comments

Jeffrey Read's ballot is now posted to WG1BallotRead.

He writes:

# NaN-ness should be contagious: if any component of a numeric value
# is NaN, then the whole thing is "not a number". Accordingly complex
# numbers with one part NaN should be either forbidden, or nan? returns #t
# on them but not any predicates that apply to is-a-number numeric values.

Not allowing half-NaNs would seriously alienate the numerical users
community.  We don't want to go there.

In #425 Add read-string, read-string!, write-string procedures to
(scheme base), he asks:

# How would encodings be handled?

In the same way as the rest of WG1: default encodings and encoding
control are implementation-dependent.  I have a WG2 proposal to provide
detailed mechanisms for encoding control:  see FilesAdvancedCowan and
SettingsListsCowan if you are interested in the details.

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