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[Scheme-reports] something's wrong with R7RS (small) erratum 5

http://trac.sacrideo.us/wg/wiki/R7RSSmallErrata erratum 5 says:

    5. In section 7.1.1 (Lexical structure), the escape sequence
       \| is not shown as permitted in strings. The list in
       Section 6.7 shows that it is equivalent to |. This makes
       the same escape sequences valid in both strings and

The first sentence is clear enough, as is the second.  We need
to add another production for <string element> with \| as its
right hand side.

The third sentence is then untrue.  The	(corrected) productions
for <string element> allow \" and \\, which are	not allowed by
the productions	for <symbol element>.

I suspect and hope the productions for <symbol element>	need to
be corrected by	adding productions for \" and \\.  That	would
make the third sentence	of erratum 5 true.


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