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Re: [Scheme-reports] Proposed new SRFI for immutable lists

Michael Montague scripsit:

> I did not see where the specification said anything about:
> (pair? (ipair 'a 'b)) ==> ???
> (ipair? (cons 'a 'b)) ==> ???

You're right, it doesn't and that was an oversight.  As noted in the new
Rationale, pairs and ipairs have to be disjoint.  There are now notes
to that effect under `ipair` and `ipair?`.

> The case insensitive versions of the char and string comparison
> procedures have a -ci suffix. Did you consider using a -i or -im suffix?

I didn't think about a suffix, but it seems to me that in this
case a shorter prefix is better than a longer one.  These are
some of the most commonly used identifiers in Scheme, and
it pays to keep them short.  In addition, Kevin Wortman is
developing an API and implementation of immutable (and truly
persistent) deques, sets, and maps, which also use the i- prefix.
See <http://trac.sacrideo.us/wg/wiki/ImmutableDataStructuresWortman>
for an early draft.

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