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[Scheme-reports] Possible error in latest available draft of R7RS

Hello all!

While looking over the formal semantics paragraph of the latest draft of R7RS,
I might have spotted at least 2 possible bugs.

1. In the definition of the auxiliary function ‘cons’:
The anonymous function passed to ‘twoarg’ has its parameters ‘k’ and ‘w’ switched;
As it currently stands, the form of the function being passed to twoarg is E -> E -> K -> P -> C, 
however ‘twoarg’ takes a function of the form E -> E -> P -> K -> C.

2. In the definition of ‘list’ and ‘tievalsrest’:
List is defined to take a parameter w ϵ P, however it never applies it to itself nor to ‘cons’, which also needs a parameter ϵ P.
Moreover, ‘tievalsrest’ uses ‘list’ in its definition, but doesn’t pass an argument ϵ P to it. In fact, it doesn’t even get a suitable parameter passed to.

I didn’t see those issues listed in the errata, so I thought it would be best to post them to this list.

A nice day to you all,

Thorben Hasenpusch
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