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Re: [Scheme-reports] Immutable list SRFI updated

Kevin Wortman scripsit:

> Sure. I guess my point is that a new data type can have either "proper
> disjoint type" or "works like lists" semantics, but not both at the same
> time. The SRFI document seems to be trying to have it both ways.

In a sense.  I just didn't see the advantage of having a separate inull type.

> I have had problems stemming from empty lists being indistinguishable from
> empty alists, so I advocate making new types properly disjoint. But since
> the spirit of this proposal is to be close to a drop-in alternative to SRFI
> 1, "works like lists" semantics might be appropriate in this case.

I think so.  You might be interested in my JSO (JavaScript Objects) library,
which is a specialization of alists; you can search the whole thing with
assq, but it also simulates a JavaScript prototype chain.  See
(don't worry about the self-signed certificate, it's safe).

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