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Re: [Scheme-reports] numeric tower

1) Should R7RS-large require arbitrarily large (up to implementation 
restrictions like memory) exact integers? 


2) Should R7RS-large require support for exact rational numbers? 


3) Should R7RS-large require support for exact complex numbers? 

No.  This strikes me as ridiculous.
(make-polar 1 1) -> 0.5403023058681398+0.8414709848078965i.

4) Should R7RS-large require inexact complex numbers, to consist of 
pairs of 64-bit IEEE binary floats? 

No.  I've been using multiprecision reals and complex numbers in s7 
since 2009 (via gmp, mpfr, and mpc) -- I don't know what format they
use, but I certainly don't want to be limited to 64 bits.

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