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Re: [Scheme-reports] Gauche joins the ranks of the R7RS implementations

mosh supports some of R7RS. Most R7RS vocabulary available as R6RS
library (scheme base) etc.

nmosh(alternative frontend for mosh) on my branch (
https://github.com/okuoku/mosh/tree/master ) now supports R7RS library
It still lacks include-ci or (library ...) cond-expand operator but I
will implement them soon.
Next nmosh release(0.2.8) is now planned around next December so I'd
love to line nmosh as one of R7RS implementation once I'd managed to
release it..
(I have no plan to implement R7RS on the original mosh which have
psyntax based expander though.)

Current nmosh can import (chibi regexp) as-is and it can be used from
R6RS scripts :)

Unfortunately, current nmosh intentionally omits several R7RS
constructs due to backward compatibility concerns.

 - |long symbol syntax| of R7RS

nmosh reads single '|' character as a symbol; it is indeed
incompatible with R7RS syntax.
I will try to add a R7RS reader mode to support them inside
(define-library ...).

 - Integer as library name component

One of my application requires every library name components are valid
syntactic identifier to track syntactic location(line numbers) of each
library definitions.
This limitation is just plain wrong thing but I have no time to fix my
Exception: SRFI library names e.g. (srfi 1) are automagically
translated as SRFI-97/R6RS name such as (srfi :1).

2014-08-27 10:41 GMT+09:00 John Cowan <cowan@x>:
> Gauche <http://practical-scheme.net/gauche> has released its R7RS-small
> implementation.  This adds it to Chibi, Chicken (not yet complete),
> Foment, and Sagittarius.
> On the bad news front, the implementation of R7RS for Gambit has been
> abandoned, at least for now.  (More accurately, the implementer of the
> R7RS package has abandoned Gambit.)
> If anyone else has a working R7RS, let me know.
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