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Re: [Scheme-reports] Generalization of append, map, and for-each to other sequences

Alex Shinn scripsit:

> > The procedure
> >
> >   (string-append string ...)
> >
> > exists to concatenate strings, like append concatenates lists.
> > However there is no vector-append and bytevector-append which
> > concatenate vectors and bytevectors.

Ballot ticket #444 filed for vector-append (sorry about the noise due to
submitting when I meant to preview).

> > The procedures
> >
> >   (string-map proc string1 string2 ...)
> >   (vector-map proc vector1 vector2 ...)
> >
> >   (string-for-each proc string1 string2 ...)
> >   (vector-for-each proc vector1 vector2 ...)
> >
> > are for strings and vectors what map and for-each are for lists.
> > There is no such procedures for bytevectors.

As noted in an earlier message, bytevectors are intentionally second-class
in the small language, as they are intended to be the foundation of
other numeric vectors in the large language.  Therefore I am not filing
a ticket for new bytevector procedures.

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