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[Scheme-reports] notes and thoughts on r7rs draft 8


I just finished reading through draft 8.  In general it is OK and I
could live with it.  Some parts are done very well, and most are
acceptable.  I did find a few typographical things and related
possibilities for editorial improvements.  There are a couple of
semantic concerns I had as well.

I don't expect there to be any significant changes to the document, but
I did think it would be worthwhile to at least report concerns about
features added later in the r7rs process, repeat older concerns, and
provide other general and specific reactions.  This is all very much in
the spirit of "take it as you will" -- if it makes the WG change the
document in some way, great, and if not that's OK too.

I'll reply on specific points to clarify my perspective if needed but I
don't feel the need to go into long threads.

OK, specific things coming in other mails.


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