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Re: [Scheme-reports] final draft of the R7RS small language

Grant Rettke scripsit:

> How does a docket become a StandardDocket vs a ConsentDocket?

If I think it's _just obvious_ that a particular API belongs in
R7RS-large, I'll put it into ConsentDocket and allow it to pass by
unanimous consent -- that is, if nobody objects.  For example, there
isn't any doubt that SRFI-1 belongs in R7RS-large: it's been around a
while, is heavily used, widely available, etc.  It would be a waste of
time to vote on it, so we won't, unless someone insists on it.

> Are new SRFI's created where none exited before?

Oh yes.  We will have a _lot_ of new SRFIs before we're done.  That will
be where most of the work is done, per the proposed charter.

> Eg, a full PCRE library.

Irregex (which I have put on the consent docket) isn't 100% compliant
with PCRE, but it's pretty close to it, and has a nice S-expression
representation as well as the usual string one.  Alex has promised us
an updated API and (I hope) implementation based on some things he has
in mind.

> I'm trying to wrap my head around where the "work" lives.

Well, it depends on the phase (of the moon).  Packages (the basic
component of R7RS-large) start out as just an idea on InputDocket,
with maybe some existing APIs if there are any.  Then they get moved to
StandardDocket either by unanimous consent or, if necessary, by vote.
(If the vote fails, they go to RejectedDocket.)

Either before or after that, one or more proposals gets written up as a
SRFI, and then we vote on which proposal or proposals (typically just one)
to include in R7RS, and then maybe vote on whether to make it mandatory.

What I think you mean by "the work" is the detailed development of
the procedures and syntax, as well as the sample implementation.
All that happens as part of the SRFI process, which is spelled out at

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