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Re: [Scheme-reports] return value(s) of load

On 2012-01-09, at 14:16, Alex Shinn wrote:
> To make an exception for load we'd need to know for
> what implementations it currently returns the last value(s),
> and if there is any code that depends on this.

My initial reaction is to leave load alone, for compatibility reasons. 

I could be persuaded that it was worth adding another procedure, which will 
call load-with-last-form-values, which returns the values returned by the
last form. The justification for this is that it would make writing various 
sorts of plugins a lot easier, for example, returning an alist of symbols 
and procedures defined by the loaded file. If this was something worth doing, 
then it would be worth finding a less wordy name. 

I'm not so enthusiastic about this as to propose it seriously, though I 
wouldn't be opposed to it appearing in the small language. More reasonably, 
it might be referred to WG2, as it seems of more interest for those doing 

-- vincent
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