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[Scheme-reports] Recommendations regarding module filesystem mapping


I asked about this in the context of "include" before [1]:

How modules are mapped to the filesystem, and how they are located by 
"include", is unspecified in R7RS, and that's a good thing. However, we 
might want to give some recommendations so that we have a certain amount 
of compatibility between implementations. More specifically, we could 
recommend in the hierarchical filesystem case to search for a module 
named "(foo bar ... baz)" by loooking up 
"foo/bar/.../baz.(scm|ss|sls|whatever)" relative to a 
implementation-defined set of directories.

I don't know where this should go, though. Will R7RS have a document 
like the R6RS "Non-Normative Appendices" published with it? That would 
be a perfect fit.

What do you think?



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