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[Scheme-reports] Reminder: R7RS public comment period

This message is being posted to various lists to inform members
of the Scheme community on the development and current status
of the next Scheme specification, often referred to as R7RS.

In early 2010, two working groups, WG1 and WG2, were convened
by the Scheme Language Steering Committee (SLSC) for the purpose
of drafting a revision of the Scheme programming language
specification(s). Working group 1 was charged with the task of
proposing a new specification for Scheme whose scope is
comparable to that of the R5RS, with features that could lay
the foundation for a larger language whose specification is
being developed by working group 2.

On 15 February 2012, WG1 and the SLSC solicited public comments
on the sixth draft version of the "small" language
( http://www.scheme-reports.org/2012/call1.html ). That comment
period was to end on 30 June 2012. While reminding everyone of
that comment period, the SLSC is extending the deadline through
15 July 2012.

We plan to call for a vote on the proposed specification sometime
after the comment period has closed. In a few weeks, we'll send
instructions on how to sign up for that advisory vote.

For the Scheme Language Steering Committee,

Will Clinger
Marc Feeley
Jonathan Rees

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