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[Scheme-reports] ratification vote for R7RS-small

Full name: Jeronimo Cordoni Pellegrini

Location: Brazil

Affiliation: Universidade Federal do ABC - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Statement of interest: I teach at a University, and have been
using Scheme as a primary language in a course on programming
languages -- an advanced course, as opposed to the way Scheme
has been so frequently used in several Colleges and Universities,
in introductory Computer Science courses. This is an alternative
to the traditional "Programming Paradigms" course -- The idea is to
build programming language concepts and features in a
single framework (language).

Beginning with basic Scheme, the course moves on towards
more interesting features and programming concepts like
closures, objects, use of eval, macros, pattern matching,
unification, lazyness, continuations, and Logic Programming --
all this is done in Scheme, and what is not available in
standard Scheme is built from scratch. The course then
switches to concurrent programming, which is also developed
in Scheme: concurrency basics and thread creation, shared
memory with mutexes, semaphores, transactional memory and
thread pools; then message-passing, both synchronous and

Over the years I have written course notes (in Portuguese),
which are available at http://aleph0.info/cursos/pp/notas/
(keep in mind that this is a work in progress, although
already readable).

It should then be clear why I am interested in the next
Scheme standard.

Vote: yes

Rationale: I believe that the 9th draft produced by the working
group is fine. It may not be exactly what all users and
implementors would like, but it was developed carefully and
taking into account the opinions of users and implementors,
and I do think it satisfies the charter requirements.

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