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Re: [Scheme-reports] r7rs-draft-6: identifiers looking as numbers

On 10/05/12 01:22 AM, John Cowan wrote:
> Daniel Villeneuve scripsit:
>> The draft says: "An identifier is any sequence of letters, ... provided
>> that it does not have a prefix which is a valid number."
> Remember that one of the targets of R7RS-small is embedded systems.
> Disallowing identifiers like 1-in-7 means that small parsers can decide
> whether they have a number as soon as it's complete.
> Note that your users can write |1-in-7| if they care about portability,
> and/or your implementation can simply allow such identifiers as an
> extension.
Well, my goal was to make these identifiers "first-class" (that is, 
without |...| quoting) _and_ conforming to R7RS.
But I parse using a lexical analyzer, so I did not value the "simple 
parser" argument as much as I should have, given the above target.

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