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Re: [Scheme-reports] No procedure to ask the current time?

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Jeronimo Pellegrini <j_p@x> writes:

> I was wondering if it isn't worth to include the timing part
> of SRFI-18 in the small version of Scheme. The procedures
> that I suppose would be interesting are:
> - (current-time)
> - (time->seconds time)
> - (seconds->time x)
> - (time? obj)
> Just that. No threads, mutexes or signals.

A time and date library is on the table for WG2, but it's a
surprisingly complicated subject.  For example, the
interface you give doesn't provide any accessors on the time
object.  Presumably, once you add these, you need to get
into the topic of timezones, which aren't simple offsets
from UTC but rather complex geopolitical concepts.  Then
there are leap-seconds, and dates and calendars, etc. and
it's a nightmare.  And Gregorian isn't the only calendar
that matters - neither of the two calendar systems I use
most frequently are Gregorian.

Something like just a vaguely specified (current-seconds)
might be reasonable though.


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