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Re: [Scheme-reports] Fwd: Symbol escapes - clarification

Vincent Manis scripsit:

> > I'm confused. The syntax in sec 7.1.1 appears to say that a symbol 
> > element is any character except | or \. That seems inconsistent with 
> > John's explanation above. 

You're right.  I've added a fix on trunk to add <hex inline escape> to the
definition of <symbol element>, making the formal syntax consistent with
the prose.

> > Also, I'd also recommend that the backslash sequence \| be added, so 
> > you can write the identifier \a|b/ as |\\a\|b/|, should you be so inclined. 
> That was a poor choice for an example. |\a|b/ is a silly identifier| would 
> be a better one. 

I don't think this is a good idea: in the current design, when you see a |
you can read to the next | without having to worry about escaped |s.

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