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[Scheme-reports] Steering Committee requests one more draft of the R7RS small language document

After looking over the results of the recent vote along with the
comments made by voters, the Scheme Language Steering Committee
has asked WG1 and the R7RS editors to produce one more draft of
the R7RS small language document.  Substantive changes will be
limited to addressing specific technical objections that were
raised during the voting period.  The editors will also make a
few corrections and editorial improvements.

After the Steering Committee has seen this new draft, it will
decide whether anything else needs to be done before the SLSC
can endorse the new draft.

We thank the members of working group 1, and Alex Shinn, Arthur
Gleckler, and John Cowan in particular, for their hard work and
patience.  The Steering Committee is also grateful to all who
voted, and to all who contributed to the technical discussions.

Will Clinger
Marc Feeley
Chris Hanson
Jonathan Rees
Olin Shivers

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