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Re: [Scheme-reports] Date/time package

John Cowan <cowan@x> writes:
> John J Foerch scripsit:
>> I had in mind that these options would be provided via optional
>> chronologies, not as the base chronology.
> A base chronology is one that isn't just produced by changing the
> time zone or the transition date.  Besides ISO, Gregorian, Julian,
> and TAI, other examples are Hebrew, Islamic, Martian, etc. etc.
> ISO is international, so it's required.  The others are optional to
> the implementation.

Okay, I was confused about the terminology, base chronology.

There are still a couple of points I still don't fully understand:

The proposal now says that the gregorian and julian chronologies are
both proleptic.  Do I interpret correctly that this means that in the
gregorian chronology, the day before 1582-10-15 is 1582-10-14, not
1582-10-04?  In the julian chronology, is there a gregorian reform after
1582-10-04?  Do the gregorian and julian chronologies have a year zero?

John Foerch

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