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Re: [Scheme-reports] Proposal to add fexprs

Kalinni Gorzkis <musicdenotation@x> wrote:

> Macros are like functions, but arguments are passed to them with their
> original syntax, instead of evaluated.

  Rather, macros _are_ functions, but
  functions which:
  (1) are applied to forms;
  (2) return forms;
  (3) are called by the language processor
      (the compiler or interpreter).

  (Common Lisp, and some other lisps,
  allow arbitrary functions to be used to
  define macros, and it is entirely up to the
  programmer to ensure that they don't
  "misbehave".  Scheme introduces
  certain restrictions and so assumes
  some of that responsibility.)


Would you like your metaphors shaken or stirred?

Vassil Nikolov | Васил Николов | <vnikolov@x>

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