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[Scheme-reports] R7RS final (draft #10?) - question for section 4.3.2 Pattern language and 7.1.5 Transformers


For R7RS final (draft #10?), the definition of the <pattern> grammar in section 7.1.5 Transformers does not match with the explanation given in section 4.3.2 Pattern language.  Is this an intentional loose definition of <pattern> or a bug with the definition of <pattern> ?

Best regards,

Joe N.

4.3.2 Pattern language

 It is also an error if syntax ruleis not of the form

(pattern⟩ ⟨template)

The patternin a syntax ruleis a list patternwhose

first element is an identifier.

7.1.5. Transformers

transformer spec⟩ −→ (syntax-rules (identifier*) syntax rule*) | (syntax-rules identifier(identifier*syntax rule*)

syntax rule⟩ −→ (pattern⟩ ⟨template

pattern⟩ −→ ...

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