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Re: [Scheme-reports] Fwd: fresh empty strings

Ray Dillinger scripsit:

> I feel that having them eq? would be "the right thing" but that
> right thing-ness in this case isn't a sufficient reason by itself
> to change the standard.  Now, if right thing-nness is accompanied
> by established practice in more than, say, 80% of implementations,
> or widespread support for the proposition among implementors, then
> I'd be for changing the standard to require it.

Okay, I'm back home and ran tests.  The vast majority of my
implementations return #f to both (eq? (vector) (vector)) and
(eq? (string) (string)).  I also tested bytevectors in those
implementations that made it easy to do so.  Here are the cases that
returned #t:

Chez returned #t for both strings and vectors.

Icarus (but not Vicare) returned #t for vectors but not strings or

Ypsilon returned #t for all three cases.

NexJ returned #t for vectors but not strings.

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