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Re: [Scheme-reports] command-line

Emmanuel Medernach <emmanuel.medernach@x> writes:

> On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 9:18 PM, Aaron W. Hsu <arcfide@x> wrote:
>     I know that you can get the argv[0] from the environment, but without
>     being tied somehow to the program execution, it is not apparent to me
>     whether COMMAND-LINE even makes sense.  That is, I am imagining an
>     embedded Scheme that runs as the scripting language of some other
>     application. Here one might not have explicit access to the argv
>     structure, but then would it even make senses to populate the
>     COMMAND-LINE with anything?
>  Is the unreliability of /proc/self/cmdline really a problem ?

Not at all. :)

lithium$ ls /proc

> AFAK, "ps" uses /proc/<pid>/cmdline to access the command line
> arguments of processes.

No, you're wrong, it uses libkvm.

>  If you need arguments, you may provide a "<your scheme>-init" function like this for instance:
>  (define (<your scheme>-init . args) ...)
>  which let your users to arbitrarily fill the command line passed to your underlying Scheme.
>  I don't know if other people agree with this. But again, you are free not to implement the "process-context" library.


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