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Re: [Scheme-steering] [Scheme-reports] R7RS public comment period

Marc Feeley scripsit:

>   - comp.lang.scheme, comp.lang.lisp, comp.lang.functional
>   - Mailing lists of: Bigloo, Chicken, Gambit, Guile, Racket
>   - scheme-announcements@x

I see you have already sent it to r6rs-discuss.

Manuel Simoni has posted it on LtU at
http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/node/4449 .

I have forwarded it to the Chibi mailing list.

I have also forwarded it with a different Subject: line ("Public comment
period for the new draft of the Scheme language") to the Pure language
mailing list.  Here's the one-paragraph description of Pure:

"Pure is a modern-style [but eager and mildly impure, like Scheme]
functional programming language based on term rewriting. It offers
equational definitions with pattern matching, full symbolic rewriting
capabilities, dynamic typing, eager and lazy evaluation, lexical closures,
built-in list and matrix support and an easy-to-use C interface. The
interpreter uses LLVM as a backend to JIT-compile Pure programs to fast
native code."

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