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Re: [Scheme-reports] Three really picky points

On 2012-01-11, at 10:20, John Cowan wrote:

> Vincent Manis scripsit:
>> Sec 6.2.2 states `Rational operations such as + should always produce 
>> exact results when given exact arguments. If the operation is unable 
>> to produce an exact result, then it may either report the violation 
>> of an implementation restriction or it may silently coerce its result 
>> to an inexact value. See section 6.2.3.'
> I've thought about your objection, but I don't like your "attempt to"
> wording, which suggests to me that an attempt must be made and fail,
> rather than allowing a test to be made in advance.  I'm inclined
> not to make a change, then.

How about `Rational operations such as + should always produce exact results
where possible when given exact arguments'?

-- vincent

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