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Re: [Scheme-reports] ratification vote for R7RS-small

Full name: Daniel Villeneuve

Location: Montréal

Affiliation: AD OPT, a Kronos Division

Vote: yes

Rationale: Back in 1998, I have chosen Scheme as a
scripting/extension language because Scheme was not defined by a
single implementation, had an active community, and because R5RS
as a standard was a formal and small specification that was easy
to implement in and integrate with ISO C code.

The splitting of a bigger language (R6RS) into two distinct
layers, allowing one to focus on the core features needed for
scripting/extensions, is a step forward from my point of view.

 From my (outsider) perspective, R6RS was designed from
requirements analogous to "R5RS + full-main-language-support" and
similarly I'm tempted to consider R7RS as "R6RS +
core/full-splitting-constraint", with the often unavoidable
incompatibilities that arise when introducing new constraints in
a design.

Hoping to see the community unite again around the (future)
complete two-layer R7RS.

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