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Re: [Scheme-reports] "include" filename resolution

7 minutes ago, Andy Wingo wrote:
> Guile does something terrible here.
> [...]
> (define-syntax load
>   (make-variable-transformer
>    (lambda (x)
>      (let* ((src (syntax-source x))
>             (file (and src (assq-ref src 'filename)))
>             (dir (and (string? file) (dirname file))))
>        (syntax-case x ()
>          ((_ arg ...)
>           #`(load-in-vicinity #,(or dir #'(getcwd)) arg ...))
>          (id
>           (identifier? #'id)
>           #`(lambda args
>               (apply load-in-vicinity #,(or dir #'(getcwd)) args))))))))

This is asking for trouble: what if you have (define myload load)?  It
looks like it's trying to do the right thing and use *that* mention of
`load', but `myload' is pre-wired to that mention, which means that to
abstract over `load' I now need to write a macro.

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