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[Scheme-reports] Binary and character ports (and an unrelated small issue)


According to Section 6.7.1, "Conversely, not all character ports
are binary ports -- for example, the /string ports/ discussed
It is not really clear to wether the document *requires* string
ports not to be binary or if it was just an example of
a port that *could* be character but not binary.

Another queston related to binary and character ports: just as
there are predicates to verify the case of a character, the
exact kind of number (complex?, integer? etc), and wether
a port is for input or output, shouldn't also be predicates
to test wether a port is binary or character? Maybe
character-port? and binary-port?

Also (not related to ports, just a minor issue) -- in Section 
7.1.2 (External representations), it seems like someone forgot 
to add a newline between the two last rules (vactor and label).


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