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[Scheme-reports] 6.7.1 ports

I would like to second the concern about calling mixed binary and
character IO procedures on a port.  Also, the spec should clarify which
ports are (typically) character ports, besides string ports.

The FILE-SPEC stuff makes me uneasy.  Where does it come from?  It's
certainly not the standard practice in any implementation I'm familiar

Also, there are no examples of FILE-SPEC.

Also there is the /settings list/ definition, which is never used

Suggestion: instead of file specs, provide set-port-buffering! et al
procedures which implementations may restrict to only be called before
anything has been read or written from a port.

Suggestion: If you do keep file specs -- a bad idea IMO -- then do
provide examples.

Amusingly `call-with-output-file' makes a claim about not closing ports
after a nonlocal exit due to continuations; to me such claims make
arguments about robustly specifying the results for multiple returns
from mapping functions stronger.  (I know that language is quite old.)

I would also like to argue against standard-input-port et al.  It is
trivial for a user to provide, and not clear what it should be on all
systems.  Leave it to WG2 to deal with IMO.

May `get-output-string' be called after a string port is closed?

Suggestion: no.


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