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[Scheme-reports] Formal Response to #423: When does eqv? return #t for procedures?

After a vote by the WG recorded at
<http://trac.sacrideo.us/wg/wiki/WG1Ballot6Results>, the WG affirmed its
previous stance, allowing implementations of `eqv?` to return either `#t`
or `#f` on procedures.  The WG further voted to allow `eq?` to return `#f`
on procedures even if `eqv?` returns `#t` on the same procedures.

This provides the maximum flexibility for implementers to duplicate
and/or merge procedures as seems desirable.  However, it is still
guaranteed that if two procedures are operationally distinguishable,
`eqv?` must return `#f` on them.

Therefore, the Formal Comment is rejected.

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