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Re: [Scheme-reports] Formal Comment: what is the required behavior of 'lazy'?

Richard Kelsey scripsit:

> Summary: 'lazy' is underspecified

Ticket #416 created.

As Alex noted, the text has been changed to:

  The expression (delay-force expression) is conceptually similar to
  (delay (force expression)), with the difference that forcing the
  result of delay-force will in effect result in a tail call to (force
  expression), while forcing the result of (delay (force expression))
  may not.  Thus iterative lazy algorithms that may result in a long
  series of chains of delay and force can be rewritten using
  delay-force to prevent consuming unbounded space during evaluation.

(where lazy has been renamed delay-force).

Since this change is purely editorial, ticket #416 has been closed.

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