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Re: [Scheme-reports] 5.5.1 module syntax

Andy Wingo scripsit:

> The word "library" appears in 5.5.1.  Suggestion: be consistent with
> the use of one term.  If "module" is it, then use it.

Fixed.  Also removed the confusing references to library syntax in
section 4.

> The documentation states:
>   The forms from all `begin', `include', and `include-ci' declarations
>   are expanded in the order in which they occur in the module
>   declaration.
> In what order are the `cond-expand' forms expanded?


> In what order are the requisite modules loaded (via `import')?

The implementation can do what it likes.  IMAO, users who rely on the
order of module loading deserve to lose.  Specifically, the side effects
(if any) of a module should not interact with those of other modules,
except in trivial ways like yammering to standard output.

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